Friday, June 15, 2018

The Workout

Warm Up
Follow one of the warm up sequences in our library

75 Lunges
*EMOM: 7 Bent Over Rows* … then …
75 Bent Over Rows
*EMOM: 8 Lunges*

EMOM stands for ‘Every Minute on the Minute.’ This means that at the start of each minute, you’ll complete the set number of repetitions of a particular movement, before then proceeding to work through the higher volume of the accompanying movement. Today’s workout features lunges and bent over rows – one movement is completed during the EMOM, the second is done for the remainder of the minute.

The workout starts with 7 reps of Bent Over Rows. As soon as you finish those 7 reps, the remainder of the minute is dedicated to working through the 75 Lunges. Then, at the start of the next minute you will again complete 7 reps of Bent Over Rows before continuing to work through the 75 Lunges. This pattern continues until 75 Lunges are complete, at which point the two movements switch; once you have done the 75 Lunges, you will now complete 8 Lunges at the top of each minute before working through 75 Bent Over Rows in the remaining time in the minute.

Cool Down Sequence
Follow one of the warm up sequences in our library

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Today’s Full Workout

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