Why We ARun

by: Tyler Quinn
photo by: Laura Rae Photography

One of the best things about Alchemy is how much bang we all get for our buck. The business model has been forged through trial and error, and through various degrees of experimentation and yielded a product that is not only highly effective, but highly efficient too. What I mean is, when you train at Alchemy, you learn very quickly that in a relatively small room, which is relatively spartan, and with one or two pieces of basic equipment (or none), and with fifty minutes of focus, you can attain a level of fitness most people only dream about. This is part of the magic. It’s not just about getting results, it’s about getting results in a time frame that is practical and without risking injury.

The results we can confidently offer our clients range from strength, to cardiovascular conditioning, to flexibility, and even into coordination and balance. If you’ll bend just a little with me, you’ll even agree that we provide results inside the brains of our athletes, who grow more confident, proud, self-assured through our community and programming.

Nonetheless, we know that along the way, even our most loyal and dedicated athletes will be drawn toward some other shiny object in the fitness world, and while we fully believe in a consumer’s right to eat Peanut Butter Perfect Bars one day, and Coconut Almond the next, we want to do all that we can to keep you engaged and in love with all things Alchemy.

So, to keep people focused and plugged in, we started to offer specialty programs that lasted a finite period of time, and which allowed athletes to take a few weeks to specialize their training in an effort to increase their general fitness. What I mean is, athletes who want to get stronger can join our four-week strength series, which isolates movements, and implements and rep schemes guaranteed to help, and then return to their A10/20s with more power, and a fresh mindset. Since inception, we’ve run strength series, squat series, yoga series, pull-up clinics, push-up programs, and even run short events helping people prepare for golf season.

Among the very best of our specialty programs, however, is the one that actually takes you outside the gym, and lets you pound the pavement: ARun.

Let’s face it, whether you’re in Arizona or Florida where you likely take beautiful weather for granted, or Minnesota, where at this very moment, on April 16th, you are shoveling your car out of a snow cave made by passing plows, you’ll likely enjoy an opportunity to spend time outside when the sun is shining, and the air is sweet.

ARun is our specialty program that allows athletes to take four weeks and specialize in sprinting and longer distance efforts, outside the gym. Just as our strength series isn’t going to (nor is it intended to) turn an average athlete into a house lifting, car pulling strongman competitor, our ARun program is for everybody, regardless of experience and regardless of your interest in running ultra-marathons, or simply challenging yourself in a way you normally wouldn’t. All athletes across that spectrum can run with us and get better with us. And if you’re at home using Alchemy Anywhere, or in our studios, always remember that it’s not only acceptable, but smart, to take some time throughout the year to step into something new… so long as you never forget about us, and come home to us when you’re done.

This spring, ARun with us. Recharge your mind. Change your body. Increase your fitness. We’ll always be here when it’s over.

Tyler Quinn is a Coach and Co-Founder of Alchemy. In his spare he enjoys reading, gun-slinging, jiu-jitsu, and playing with his Golden Retriever, Fletcher.

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