PYL Series: Ben VandenWymelenberg + Woodchuck USA

by: Ben VandenWymelenberg, Founder and CEO of Woodchuck USA

Alchemy gear in Antarctica…legendary. Let’s start by saying this was the most life-changing and amazing trip I’ve ever been on with Woodchuck. Antarctica changed my life.

We hung out with 100 different climate change leaders, scientists, explorers, and bad ass business people – with no connection to the digital world for 2.5 weeks.  They were some of the world’s smartest and most game-changing humans. Humans that pushed me to achieve things greater than I could have ever dreamed.

I learned how to truly disconnect – it is the only way to connect. Completely checking out, to fully check into yourself. Looking deep down to see what you’re really capable of. Who you really are.  Your mind is the only thing that will ever stand between yourself and the impossible.

We planted a tree on our way down to Antarctica on the southernmost tip of South America and locked in our final continent of planting a tree!

This journey and through our ‘Buy One. Plant One.’ program, has brought me to all 7 continents, working to reforest the world.  To do something positive. And this is just the beginning.

We’ve planted over 1,000,000 trees across the planet to date with our amazing partners and are committing to plant over 10 million trees in the next 2 years.  7 continents is just the beginning. Planting on mars with Elon Musk is next.

To celebrate, we’re doing something BIGGGG this Earth day here in the USA. We’re setting up dead center on the front lawn at the U.S. capital and having a huge tree planting party! We’re personally inviting you to come grab a drink, some food, and join our mission to change the world. And we want everyone, near and far, to join us in celebrating something good happening on our planet.

The event will feature remarks by myself and other businesses and free tree planting kits shipped to your home.

Keep kicking ass and changing the world… it starts with us.

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