by: the A-Team
photos by: Athena Pelton

This community has been kicking ass in A10s, Squat Series, life in general, you name it. April is Stress Awareness month and we’re paying extra attention to the wear and tear that you may be experiencing. The A-Team is here to share our top #lifehacks for managing stress – because helping you Pursue Your Legend day in and day out is what we do.

Meditate…then have a dance party.
–Peter, Coach at Alchemy Highland Park

Exercise. Make your bed. Make a list of to-do’s and things that need attention. You don’t need to solve them right away, just list them out.
–TQ, Chief Talent Officer and co-founder of Alchemy

Snuggle with a dog. Or go on a hike…preferably in the mountains…with a dog.
–Kai, Coach at Alchemy Edina

Sing – for people as part of performance, or just belting it out in your car for no one else but you to appreciate.
–Konnor, Coach and Director of Product Development at Alchemy

During your daily showers, put the cold water on for 1-3 minutes. This can reduce the stress hormones in your body, jolt your immune system, and it makes you feel kind of badass after it’s over. Also, volunteer! Sometimes stress comes from focusing too much on yourself and what is happening to you at the moment. Take a step back and get some perspective by helping and being a blessing to those in need.
–Sheila, Coach at Alchemy North Loop

Take a quick run outside to reset. Or a good old fashioned workout if you live in winter year round.
–Jalisa, Coach and GM at Alchemy Northeast

Kick tires and light the fires. Stressed? Good! Crush the stress and make it run away scared.
–Ross (the boss), Coach at Alchemy Edina

Run. It’s cathartic. Do it without music so you can focus on your breathing and you can reset. Then get a full night of sleep!
–Colleen, Coach at Alchemy Highland Park

Take a hot salt bath. Light candles and put your phone far, far away. Then take an A20 in the morning!
–Laura, Coach at Alchemy North Loop

Read. Let your mind get lost in a good story and relax. Preferably in a nice, hot epsom salt bath.
–Katrina, Coach at Alchemy Highland Park

Listen to (or see!) live music.
–Katy, Coach and Marketing Manager at Alchemy Highland Park

Go on a long walk without your phone. Read a book, exercise, laugh (cheesy, but duh).
–Hannah, Coach at Alchemy Northeast

Disconnect. Turn off your phone, get away from laptops and devices. Then take some personal time to do something alone! Coffee shop and read, movie alone, dinner alone, workout out.
–Jennifer, Coach at Alchemy Northeast

Listen to your body. If you need to move, workout. If you feel the need for stillness, curl up with a book and just let yourself be for a while.
–Becca, Coach at Alchemy Edina

Power clean for 20-30 minutes. There’s something soothing about making your space nicer. Play the “Chill-Hop” playlist on Spotify. And my personal favorite: watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall, it always works for me.
–Simon, Coach at Alchemy Edina

Move. Get your body in motion – it’s the key to setting your mind free. Whether that’s Alchemy, running, rowing, anything that involves working hard. Your endorphins will start firing and you can escape the stress.
–Joey, Coach at Alchemy Northeast

Take a long run outside or hike (with a dog).
–Kristin, Coach at Alchemy Edina

Clean and cook or bake. It gets your mind set on something other than your stress and you feel fresh (or full) after!
–Sam, Coach at Alchemy Northeast

De-stressing comes in all styles, in all ways. We love you. We want you to succeed. We’re here to help. PYL, all day and every day.

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