Why I A101: Brady Caviness

by: Brady Caviness
photo by: Laura Rae Photography

The Alchemy 101 seminar was well worth my time and money. A lot of my previous training came through sports and through coaches teaching me how to lift weights and exercise. When I took A101, I learned that a lot of my lifting form was incorrect. This is where the one-on-one coaching came in handy! Every one of the Alchemy coaches helped me out in one way or another and genuinely wanted to help me get better – in all aspects, but especially with my squatting and deadlifting.

The seminar also helped me understand how each Alchemy class type – A10, A20, APulse, AStrong and AFlow – can help me become a more well-rounded athlete. I had typically stuck with A10’s, but soon after A101 I participated in my first AStrong and I really enjoyed it. Right after that, I participated in my first A20. In both of these classes I was able to immediately take what I learned over the weekend and apply it to my workout – and all workouts after that.

Another really important part of A101 that people might not realize when signing up is that you get to meet so many new people. When I first started Alchemy, I really only knew a few people and didn’t know any of the coaches. After just two days at A101, I felt so comfortable asking any of the coaches for help, as well as talking with the other athletes. Right away, the experience made it easier to ask for help and to enjoy workouts as a group.

Overall, A101 was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone that goes to Alchemy. Make the most of your experience!

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