Cardio Junkie

by: Christy Wright

Google “workout” or “fitness studio.” The results are enough to drive any well-intended person looking to get fit into a state of confusion. How do you balance the need for tangible, lasting results with that all too familiar belief that the burn, the rush, and stimulation cardio lovers seek is the “right” answer?

I’m all about seeking a tangible set of results from my workouts. It makes me feel successful. That said, I’ve caught myself all too often weighing the quality of my workout too heavily on two things: 1. how hard I am breathing and 2. how much I’m sweating – the more the better, right? I even see this idea played out at gyms that create group fitness classes designed to artificially stimulate these two things.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a butt kicking, huffing and puffing, sweat dripping workout, so long as you know the truth about how “cardio” really works. Exclusively training the “cardio” way because we’ve determined it to be successful can lead to burn out, plateaus and injury. Most workout enthusiasts (myself included) don’t have the time or background knowledge to know that your body can’t differentiate between movements like running and kettle bell swings or burpees and thrusters. All it knows is that its muscles are out of oxygen and it’s going to need you to pull more and more air to keep going strong.

Cue my life-altering experience in finding Alchemy. As a soccer player and lifelong athlete…it felt like coming home. I found my competitive edge again.

At Alchemy we believe in cardio, we believe in lung capacity, and in metabolic conditioning just as much as the next gym. But we also believe in big functional compound movements and refuse to exclude them from our training because we know that they can help us build up our lungs AND create transferrable strength that helps us in our everyday life.

We believe that cardio is not at odds with strength training and intensity. We believe that a variety of class formats when mixed with carefully crafted rep and times schemes can help us build more than just a good sweat. Adhering to that kind of variety is a surefire way to not only increase your lung capacity but increase your athleticism too.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself. Join us on Tuesday, December 5 for our “Cardio Junkie” classes and see how Alchemy does cardio. Get strong, blow up your lungs, breathe hard and see what Alchemy is all about. Already an Alchemy Champion? Get ready to feel alive.

Christy is a Coach and Marketing Manager at Alchemy Edina. Work hard, #PYL harder is what she lives by.