Get high with me.

by Brock Severson

I left Alchemy the other day feeling flushed and exuberant as though I’d just downed an espresso or won a horse race. It left me with an utter sense of job love. I actually made it a point to tell my peers, “I Love You” after our team meeting.

Like any job, coaching for a living has its pros and cons. It’s sweaty, you can’t leave in the middle of class if you have to pee, the hours are all over the board and sometimes your energy level seems to have burned out like an old firework. These downfalls are extinguished by the pure excitement I feel when a group of athletes gaze my direction with a grimace and a smile all mixed into one. Giving me the “f*ck you, I love this” look. Priceless.

When I started coaching, it was stressful. It turns out, staring down a class full of people waiting for the next cue is the perfect way to learn.  I still mess up on a daily basis, but the effort I put into it seems to pay off, even if it’s just a few moments at the end of a workout when everyone is relieved to be done.

There is a weekend-long seminar that’s life-changing. It’s called the A101, the the first step in a career at Alchemy. Make this seminar a priority if you’re interested in anywhere from a weekend gig at Alchemy to running the company someday. Job love is something you choose – if you want to be happy somewhere, you will. Alchemy just makes the ride a little easier.

Take it from someone who’s high on life at the job all the time, you’ve got nothing to lose but the fear you shed when you take on something new. Lose the fear and get high with me.

Interested in A101? The next Minneapolis and Denver seminars are coming up! Talk to any Coach or the Front Desk at your next visit! Ready to go all-in? Sign up here.

Brock Severson is the General Manager and Coach at Alchemy North Loop. When he’s not in the studio you can probably find him at the Freehouse with the andouille hash – or working on a home reno project. #adultlife

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