Change is Scary

Change is Scary
by: Tyler Quinn

I think we can all agree; Alchemy is a special place. There are a lot of tangible reasons we can point to as an explanation, and a few intangibles that make up the “X” factor. One of the most tangible and concrete reasons our athletes love Alchemy is the people they encounter every time they walk through the door. From a studio General Manager to the Marketing Managers, Experience Leads and even our newest part-time staff members, the people that work at Alchemy are the reason Alchemy works.

Because we’re so aware of this, the time has come to have a serious heart-to-heart. As difficult as it is to say, there may come a time when one of your most beloved coaches or staff members is pulled away and placed on a different studio team. When that happens, you may feel like something has changed, or shifted under your feet. So let’s talk about that scenario, and make sure you understand what’s going on.

The reality is, Alchemy365 is a fast growing company with big dreams and ambitions. The only way we can see those dreams come true is by recruiting and developing top talent. Sometimes that development means squeezing great staff up a rung on the organizational ladder. While this might sting a little for our athletes, think about it from the perspective of the employee you love so much. As hard as it is to see them go, they’re only moving because they’ve been given an opportunity to grow and pursue their personal legend within our company.

Many of Alchemy’s employees have ambitions that are as big and as grand as the company itself and it’s critical that they, too, have the chance to feel alive through their work and opportunities to get better, lead people, take on new responsibilities and grow as employees at Alchemy.

The point is, we know we shook a few things up with our Edina studio launching. And as we look forward the next few weeks, we know there will be more changes with Highland Park on the horizon and new markets waiting just beyond that.

We care about continuity. We care about the meaningful relationships our athletes develop with the staff. We hold incredibly dear, the power that those relationships have. But before lamenting the loss of your favorite, try to remember the change will only sting temporarily. Try to remember that there was a time when you didn’t really know the person you’ve come to call your favorite coach, and that the new person standing behind the desk now is just as excited, engaged, and ready to help you PYL as anybody else in the company.

Change is always a little scary. We only do it when we have to. We only do it when an employee has expressed a desire to grow. And we hope that as we make changes, our great members will roll with us and hold a little space for the new staff to rise to the occasion and fill the shoes left behind.

Tyler Quinn is a coach and founder of Alchemy and Union Fitness. In his spare time he enjoys reading, hockey, jiu jitsu, and gun slinging. 

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