Alchemy Strength Series – Push and Pull

by Coach Tyler Quinn
photo by Athena Pelton 

Ever seen a dried up flower baking in the sun? Ever poured a little water on it and come back 24 hours later to a complete miracle of growth and vitality? That’s what it’s like to put fit people into a strength program who haven’t done a whole lot of strength training in their lives. The change is miraculous. As good as aerobic, cardiovascular, high volume, long duration training feels, a little heavy loading is an absolutely essential part of a complete fitness program.

We’ve rolled out the Squat Series before, and now we’re taking it one step further.

I’m excited to announce a push/pull series – six weeks dedicated to developing real strength and power in our primary presses and our primary pulling exercises. We’ll be deadlifting, power cleaning, ring rowing and weighted pull-up’ing. We’ll be pressing, bench pressing, floor pressing, resistance push-up’ing. One way or the other, we’ll be getting strong. Very, very strong.

Like the squat series, spots are limited and also like the squat series, a commitment and temporary specialization is required. As in, plan to focus on this for the duration to maximize results.

The push/pull series is here. Get on board.

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