Legend. Whoa, That’s a Big Word.

by Haley Wakefield

Legend. Whoa, that’s a big word. A legend to me is someone others look up to…a role model. A human that walks the walk and talks the talk. Someone who brings energy into a room and makes others feel like they have a purpose, like they matter in this world where so many times in the day we are told just the opposite.

You see, years ago, I was down a destructive path. I fell into the trap that says we need to look a certain way, act a certain way, give up who we really are to become something we are not. I spent countless hours at the gym, countless nights listening to a grumbling stomach because I was hungry…not only for food, but for a life that mattered.

My friends and family worried about me but I played it off cool. “You guys, this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.” Boy was I wrong. Over-exercise brought on knee issues and stress fractures and after spending some time studying abroad away from my original routine, I was able to reflect on the life I was leading (if you can call it that).

Let me tell you something, a legend would not give up relationships with people they love to focus on looking good on the outside. A legend would not use unrealistic methods to build a body they were never proud of. A legend would never feel like they were not good enough…like they would never be good enough.

To me, pursing my legend is about being basic. Wait what? Who wants to be basic? What I mean by that is going back to the basics. Doing things the right way. Eating right, getting enough sleep, enjoying the great outdoors, building relationships, saving the animals, drinking enough H2O, laughing more, appreciating the little things in life, and helping those around me succeed.
Alchemy has taught me so much in these past months. I’ve learned to work harder and face some of my biggest fears because the coaches have shown they believe in me. A legend leads.

I am no longer hungry for a life that matters because I’ve finally found a community that allows me to be who I truly am.
So here I am, telling you about my journey to pursuing my legend and all I can really say is I have no idea where it’s going to end up. What I can tell you is that my legend is being shaped by some of the most bad-ass humans on this planet. That’s what it’s about…finding a community that supports you, believes in you, and pushes you beyond your limits.

Join me in this journey? Together, we can become legendary

Haley Wakefield is a coach at Alchemy North Loop. You can also find her running, walking her puppy Ruthie, drinking iced coffee, or grilling a mean piece of meat.